We recommend you or your representative staying with your crew through the whole move until it’s completion.

Absolutely! We are cross-country movers as well as local movers.

The number of movers we send depends on your move’s size — our logistics team will make sure we have the appropriate amount of movers to meet your relocation requirements.

No, you can authorize the movers to handle everything for you but for third party storages, we do require the client or a representative to be present at drop off.

Yes, we do last minutes move. Please give us a call to discuss your moving requirements.

Local moving charge is hourly. We employ a 2-hour minimum.

Absolutely! We have a full-service moving company but if you’d rather do it yourself, you can. We even offer rental vans and trucks if you’re a DIY-er

Provide at least 2 weeks’ notice to the moving company so they can have your time available for you.

Yes! Just make sure they’re completely empty and unplug it the night before to let it defrost.

Tipping is optional, but if you consider that our team has done a great job, your tip will be highly appreciated. The customary tip for the movers is between 15- 20% from total job.

Sorry but only Trident Moving employees are authorized to ride in our trucks.

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