Moving Checklist

Your Moving Checklist

Your packing and moving to a new house will go smoothly if you start planning things months and create a list of things ahead of actual moving. From creating a moving binder to backing up your system data, the aim is to get the ball rolling.

Simply speaking, with a moving checklist, it becomes easier. You can easily organize the items and move prepared to your new house. Also, it will help you know the most important things that you need to know. You can avoid being overwhelmed by the process while making the process faster and efficient.

Here comes the most important benefit of having a moving checklist – you will not forget any useful item in the moving process. 

Moving checklist

Here Are Some Important Things to Know When Moving Out

Confirm Things

To begin your moving process, you need to know the rules and regulations by talking to your building management – both at current and new address. You need to confirm the following things:

When you are planning to move, you must segregate items that you want to donate, keep, or discard. Clearly mention these things in your moving checklist NYC. It is important to start preparing months in advance so that you know what is coming with you.


Pick the Right Moving Company

Moving day could be stressful if you don’t hire a moving company to move in and move out your belongings. These tips will help you choose the right moving company for the shifting day:

Get Referrals

You can either search the internet or ask your friends, family, and co-workers for a moving company. If you are connecting with a real estate agent, you can also ask the agent for a referral.

Follow the Rule of Threes

Don’t confirm the deal for the first estimate you receive from the first moving company you contact. Rather, you must follow the rule of threes. Ask three different companies to give you an estimated quote to move your stuff.

Beware of Red Flags

You must not ignore the red flags while getting the estimate. For instance, a reputed moving company won’t ask for a cash deposit before you start moving. If your mover is hungry to get money, it might not be legit. Don’t forget to add this point in your local moving checklist.

Once you have sorted these things, ask the company for quotes. The quote should consist of all the item charges with any additional fees that might arise while moving. Beware of the cheap quotes, because such companies later add additional fees throughout moving, leaving you with a poor experience.

Once you are satisfied with the company and their quote, it’s time to make the final call and hire them.

4 Weeks Before the Big Move

Start notifying businesses and necessary people about your scheduled move. For instance:

Let them know that you are moving to a new place and share your new address with them if you wish to continue using their services after the move.

Start collecting moving boxes

No moving checklist is complete without determining the type of moving boxes you would need. There are various ways to get moving boxes for cheap, or even free of cost if you carry out a little research. Four weeks is enough time to pack your items in an organized manner.


A Week Before Moving

It’s time to do the mandatory clean-up of your old house to leave it in good share for new owners. If you are a renter, you need to take extra care of certain things to get back your security deposits. It should not miss your moving checklist NYC.

The next big thing is to prioritize the clean-up of your new home. Don’t forget to call the locksmith to come over to your new address to rekey the locks once you have moved.

A Successful Moving Day Checklist

Ensure that you have all the moving essentials for your moving day. Keep your checklist handy so that you don’t forget anything. Don’t forget to eat something before starting the moving process. Now, it’s time to sit back and manage the moving company staff while they load and unload your items.


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